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As such, this led Kataoka to declare that he had never two-timed in his life when he revealed that he was dating Fujiwara. They pledged to lift their child properly and asked for the assist of everyone around them as they are inexperienced at being mother and father. Throughout the press conference and completion screening of “Kono machi no Inochi ni” on 20 March this year, they each revealed that they might belief each other and work well collectively despite playing characters with a distinct type of relationship this time. When asked about how they call each other, they mentioned that they each go on a primary identify foundation i.e. Yu and Ryota which led to gasps from the media who have been at the press convention. Alternatively, Nakagoshi Noriko performs Harada Miki who’s 38 years old and has been restricted to admin work since she joined “Horizon” and is the silent supporter for her colleagues in the office. Alternatively, Iitoyo mentioned that her character is in a forbidden relationship with a man of the identical age as her own father and hopes that people of her age group will likely be in a position to understand the different means of how such a romance is depicted by Nojima. Based on Shaku’s company, her husband is of the same age as her and owns restaurants in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura.

Subsequently though, the rumours brought the longtime friends collectively and so they announced in August the identical year that that they had started dating. Director Nakano revealed that he is a moderately laidback particular person and it took him 19 years and 7 months since he got here to Tokyo earlier than he made his first industrial film. They revealed that they’d been dating for the previous four years throughout which they overcame difficulties and enjoyed joyful moments together. Much as fans might want them to do so, individuals develop up and have completely different priorities in life which may cause them to go their separate methods one fantastic day. Whereas it’s a good thought, life isn’t a Shakespeare play and love isn’t that simple. From now on, she’s going to proceed along with her profession at a slower tempo along with her household life taking priority and hopes for the continuous assist of everyone going ahead. As such, she is thankful for the truth that she managed to act in this movie and hopes that those who watch it would begin to see their world in a extra optimistic light.

The first big scandal of the yr was Becky’s alleged affair with Kawatani Enon, the vocalist of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. In response to an music business insider, although Becky and Kawatani promised that they will not meet once more, it was said to be a ruse to hide the fact that they are still in touch and they tried to encourage one another to bear with this for the time being till he will get divorced. Within the interview, she revealed that she began dating Kawatani in the spring of 2012 and acquired married in July last 12 months. Abe Natsumi and Yamazaki Ikusaburo welcomed the arrival of their first son on 26 July and released a joint statement by way of his agency on the following day. Yamazaki Ikuzaburo and Abe Natsumi announced by their respective companies that they’ve registered their marriage on 29 December. Only came to learn about their marriage plans one week ago. Matsuda is the second son of the late well-known actor Matsuda Yusaku and actress Matsuda Miyuki and his elder brother is Matsuda Ryuhei. When the two of them were filming “SPEC”, Kase was seeing actress Ichikawa Mikako whereas Toda was dating actor Ayano Go.